3D Printer Resin

3D Printer Resin Basic – High resolution for SLA printers

Resin printing is a little more complex than standard filament printing. Not only do you need a few must have accessories, you also need to pick the right resin. When faced with multiple colors and multiple types, it's also easy to get turned around when choosing the right 3D Printing resin.

3D Basic Resin


The general-purpose resin sold in our Filamently store is perfect for those who want to try different printing applications instead of drilling down into something specific. The high-resolution properties of the resin get you a sharp printing.

Available in Beige, Grey, Blue, Yellow and Green.

Technical Specification  
Odor                                      - Negligible
UV cure (wave length)        – 320 to 420 nm
Hardness                             – 81D
Viscosity                              – 550 cps
Liquid Density                     - 1.14g/cm³
Solid Density                       - 1.184g/cm³
Shrinkage                            - <0.1%
Tensile Strength                 - 25 Mpa
Elongation @ break           - 0.142
Storage & Post print care
Storage                             - Store in a dark, cool place.
Post print wash                 - Wash with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol)
Shelf life                            - 12 Months