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Premium quality 3d printer filament
1.75 mm  PET-G

Filamently web store  is offering 3D printer PETG filament 1.75 mm (Polyethylene Terephthalate with Glycol modified) filament, which has more flexible strength than ABS filament. It's the ideal filament for balancing strength and flexibility, which is why it's found in so many mechanical parts and robotics. Shop our translucent PETG 3D printer filament 1.75mm online today or add it to your wish list!

PETG translucent filament is one of the favorite materials for 3D printing. It is almost as simple to print as PLA, but it can provide many mechanical properties that PLA prints cannot. When printing with translucent PET variants, glycol modifies the properties of the material, making it easier to print, less brittle, and clearer. PETG is indeed Stiffer than PLA in many ways. PETG is water-resistant with a strong water and moisture barrier, 3D printing PETG filament 1.75 mm has a low thermal expansion, so it rarely lifts from the bed and warps even when printing large objects without an enclosure. Additionally, PETG is ductile. It has a good amount of flex, which helps to keep parts from breaking under pressure. Filamently PETG 3D printer filament 1.75mm can be used to print mechanical parts, printer parts, robotics, and a variety of protective components. 

Filamently PETG Filament can be printed with any desktop open type 3D printer like Creality Ender3, Anet, Flash-forge or in any Indian make 3D printers.

Recommended Settings

3D printer Extruder

Extruder Temperature

230- 235 °C

3D printer Bed Temperature

Bed Temperature

100-110 °C

3D printer enclosure


Not Needed

3D printer nozzle

Recommended Nozzle 




premium-quality- 3d printer filament
no clogging 3d printer filament


no bubble 3d printer filament


no tangling 3d printer filament


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