3D Printer Filament PLA-Orange-ET4 Printer

Tråd3D 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament (Orange) for ET4 3D Printer Metal Frame Structure Build Volume 220 x 220 x 250 mm with 2.8 inch Colour Touchscreen Heated Support Resume Power Failure Printing |( New3DPLA3dorange)

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     Tråd3D PLA Filament Datasheet

    • Diameter -1.75mm
    • Diameter: ± 0.03mm
    • Color: Orange
    • Printing temperature:190~210°C
    • Heating bed - 65 -70 °C
    • Printing speed-60~90mm/s
    • Nett Weight:1kg. 

    Care with your PLA Filament

    • Don’t forget to take care of this material, since these are hygroscopic material which means it tends to catch moisture. Store the filament after use in a Ziploc pouch with a desiccant. Read more details about caring for your filament.  
    • Keep in a dry place

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