Premium Quality 3D Printer Filament PLA+ 1.75mm

tougher pla

Our PLA+  is a tough, high-temp PLA filament engineered and designed specifically with 3D printing in mind. PLA+ 3D prints incredibly smoothly and was designed with the high impact toughness needed in industrial applications to meet the growing demand for a material with the mechanical properties of ABS, but the printability of PLA. Made from virgin bioplastic and all filaments including colorants are produced using premium grade polymers without fillers or toxic additives. Our cross-sectional roundness is consistent throughout the whole spool to ensure that a reliable printing experience is achieved over repeated prints. Our filaments are free from bubbles and voids, which helps ensure accurate and high-definition printing results.

Filamently offers the 3D printer filament PLA+ suitable for Creality Ender3, Anet, Flashforge, Prusa i3, Pluse XE. 

Our PLA+ filaments are available in a wide range of colors.

3D printer filament PLA+
3D printer filament PLA+ violet
3D Printer Filament PLA+ - Blue
3D Printer Filament PLA+ - Grey
3D printer Extruder

Extruder Temperature

180- 210 °C

3D printer bed temperature

Bed Temperature

60-65 °C

Recommended Settings
3D printer enclosure

Not Needed


3D printer Nozzle

Recommended Nozzle 

Not Needed